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2017 Charge Harder Coloradathon

Coradathon T-Shirt (Included w/ Registration)

5:45 AM - Wakeboarding

9:30 AM - Indoor Rock Climbing

12:00 PM - Motorcycle

1:00 PM - Hike/Snowboard/Ski

5:00 PM - Mountain Bike

8:30 PM - Top Golf

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How much Colorado-fun can you have in a single day?

The Charge Harder Coloradathon was designed to try to answer this question. On Saturday June 10th, you have the opportunity to wake up at the crack of dawn, Charge Hard all day long participating in as many Colorado activities as thought possible.  Continue to have fun until it's time to go to sleep that night; when you fall down dog-tired from a day of extreme fun and testing your limits.

Here's the loose schedule for the day:

5:45 AM - Wakeboarding Behind the Boat.  You'll get a chance to show off your wake skills with at least one wakeboard or wake surf set.


9:30 AM - Indoor Rock Climbing. Test your climbing skills at one of Colorado's finest indoor climbing facilities

11:30 AM- Lunch will be delivered to the climbing gym to eat before the next adventure

12:00 PM - Motorcycle Ride.  Those with motorcycles will head out on a scenic road ride and meet back up with the crew in the mountains.

1:00 PM - Hike and Snowboard/Ski - A leg-burning hike will be rewarded with sweet Colorado turns on snow in the middle of June.  A scenic Alpine Lake serves as the backdrop.  There may be a rail feature and backcountry booter available for those that would like to hit it.

5:00 PM - Mountain Bike Ride. We will break into 3 groups;  one extremely easy ride, one mellow ride for the beginner/intermediate riders and one for the people who are looking to push themselves a little harder and experience some real Colorado single-track.

9 PM - Top Golf.  Eat dinner, play 2 hours of Top Golf against your old and new friends, and share stories from an amazing Colorado day.

What does your entrance fee include?

- High Quality Commemorative T-Shirt
- A few hours on a top notch wakeboard boat and all needed equipment
- Entrance into climbing gym (rental gear NOT included)
- Box lunch from Jason's Deli
- Hike and Snowboard/Ski Experience on a Colorado Glacier (gear NOT included)
- Mountain Bike experience on a breathtaking Colorado Trail (gear NOT included)
- 2 hours play at Top Golf
- Buffet Dinner at Top Golf


*This event isn't for everyone.  It requires a fairly high level of physical ability and skill to be able to complete all of these activities. If you aren't in shape or don't think you have the skills to attempt all of these activities, you might want to start training/practicing and check back with us again next year.  We're not trying to scare anyone away, just being realistic.

*You don't have to be an expert golfer, wakeboarder, snowboarder/skier, or mountain biker, but please no complete 1st timers of any 1 activity.  There won't be enough time to teach people basic skills.  You can also choose to sit-out of any of the events in which you don't feel comfortable.

That being said ... let's all get ready to get out there, CHARGE HARDER, have some fun, and test our limits!!

Get signed up now!!  Registration closes on June 1st.  Don't miss out.

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